Rooted in Silicon Valley.

Rooted in Silicon Valley

Democratizing cybersecurity for companies of all sizes.

Scott Seese - Founder and CEO
Kurt Lieber - Co-Founder and CTO/ CISO

Who We Are:

Empowering Companies of All Sizes: The Journey from Global Chief Information Officer and Global Chief Information Security Officer to Founding S2 Cyber


After successful careers as a Global Chief Information Officer (CIO) and a Global Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) at major companies, Scott and Kurt decided to retire and establish S2 Cyber, a groundbreaking cyber security company with a mission to protect companies of all sizes. The driving force behind this transition was to level the playing field and equip companies and business owners with cutting-edge cyber capabilities, previously accessible only to billion-dollar corporations, in a cost-effective manner.


Throughout Scott and Kurt’s tenure in prominent corporations, they developed a deep understanding of the powerful cyber security infrastructure deployed to safeguard digital assets. This insight also brought attention to the vulnerabilities faced by smaller businesses due to their constrained budgets and limited access to advanced technologies.

The Turning Point:

The pivotal moment for Scott arrived when he saw multiple companies in the small town he grew up in fall victim to cyber attacks, leading to dire consequences for their operations and reputation. “When these attacks started affecting companies and health care organizations in my small town, it really ticked me off!” The evident disparity in cyber defense between large corporations and smaller businesses reinforced his determination to bridge this gap.

For Kurt, his “Ah hah!” moment came as he was performing a cybersecurity assessment for a business that had been around for years. In seeing the dismal state of their cybersecurity, Kurt realized that they were not the exception, but rather the rule for smaller businesses who simply cannot afford to build dedicated cybersecurity teams.

The Vision:

Fueled by a passion for democratizing cyber security, Scott and Kurt envisioned founding S2 Cyber to exclusively protect companies of all sizes. The primary objective was to make enterprise-grade cyber security accessible and affordable, ensuring that any company no matter how big or small could defend their digital assets and customer data without financial strain.

Founding S2 Cyber:

With a wealth of expertise rooted in silicon valley and a shared vision, Scott retired from his esteemed role as Global Chief Information Officer and assembled a skilled team. Then is when Scott met Kurt Lieber, who is S2 Cyber’s CTO and CISO. Kurt is also a Co-Founder in the company. Kurt retired from being a Global Chief Information Security Officer for major companies. Together, they embarked on developing a robust cyber security platform, tailor-made for companies of all sizes, integrating advanced technologies, threat intelligence, and expert analysis into an all-inclusive and budget-friendly solution.

The Mission:

S2 Cyber’s mission is firmly rooted in empowering companies of all sizes with the knowledge and tools to proactively defend against cyber threats. By eliminating barriers of cost and complexity, the company aims to equip any company with the same level of cyber resilience enjoyed by large enterprises.

Impact and Success:

Through relentless dedication, S2 Cyber has made a significant impact, safeguarding numerous companies in multiple industries from a wide array of cyber threats. The cost-effective solutions provided by S2 Cyber have allowed businesses of all sizes to detect, mitigate, and respond to potential threats, thus averting catastrophic data breaches and financial losses.

In Summary:

S2 Cyber exemplifies the commitment to empowerment and social responsibility. By establishing a company that offers companies of any size access to enterprise-level cyber security capabilities at an affordable cost, they have played a pivotal role in creating a safer and more secure online environment. S2 Cyber continues to champion the cause of fortifying any company no matter how big or small they are against cyber threats, ensuring they have the necessary tools to thrive in the digital age.