Secure Space

Our Industry Leading SecureSpace Platform offers your company a rapid way to close security gaps while making your company more scalable and efficient.

Full Disk Encryption: All endpoints have full disk encryption, leveraging industry leading, AES-256bit algorithms, to ensure your sensitive data is protected in case a device is lost or stolen.

Ransomware Protection: All files are synchronized to our cloud storage solution, which also stores the last four versions of each individual file. In case one or more files are compromised with ransomware, restoring them is as easy as a few mouse clicks.

File Backups: All files are synchronized to our cloud storage solution, which also stores the last four versions of each individual file. Restoring a lost or corrupted file is as simple as a few mouse clicks.

OS Patching & Security Updates: Most breaches are caused by missing patches. Our solution ensures each endpoint is properly configured to receive patches automatically, with no user intervention required.

Multi-Factor Authentication: One of the most effective protections against account takeovers, we use bank-level MFA to protect against unauthorized access. Better yet, the system is easy to use and uses the smartphone that most of us already carry.

Password-less Authentication: Passwords are passe and we’ve eliminated them with our SecureSpace solution. You’ll never be asked to change your password again when using a SecureSpace desktop.

Automated Configuration: Management
Most breaches are caused by a configuration gap or weakness. We protect against that with our fully-automated configuration management solution that checks and rechecks key security settings every few hours.

Security-Hardened Windows OS: Microsoft’s hardening guides for Windows comprise over 4,500 different security settings, with dozens to hundreds of them changing every time Microsoft releases an update. We review each and every setting to ensure your computers remain secured and hardened against attackers.

CrowdStrike Falcon Included: Crucial for security due to its advanced threat detection, real-time response capabilities, and comprehensive visibility into endpoint activities, enabling proactive defense against sophisticated cyber threats.

Advanced Anti-Phishing: Protections in partnership with Microsoft, we provide you with the most advanced anti-phishing protections available in the industry, including technologies such as SPF, DKIM, and DMARC.

Zero Trust Design: Enables security for the modern way we work today. Instead of assuming a strong network perimeter protects against most threats, zero trust assumes all other devices are hostile and requires ongoing authentication of both the employee as well as the device configuration to maintain access to your companies assets. SecureSpace embodies zero trust design concepts out of the box, with no extra work required on your part.